History of Associate Clinic

History of Associate Clinic

Original Building Cira 1929 The White House
First addition 1939 The two story brick to the right
2nd addition 1952 The two storey brick behind the house
3rd addition 1964 The four story brick (looming in the background)

History of Associate Clinic
The first Clinic called Associated Physicians and Surgeons was formed on December 1, 1922, under the leadership and enthusiasm of Dr. D.S. Macnab. The Clinic was located at 140 – 6th Avenue S.W. (site of the new Petro-Canada building), and occupied the first and second floors of a large house.

Initially four men joined Dr. Macnab in 1922, Dr. G.D. Stanley, Dr. A.E. Aikenhead, Dr. J.S. Murray and Dr. Wm. A. Lincoln.

Along with the five doctors were a business manager (Mr. S. Dorland), a credit manager (Mr. C.O. Brown), a nursing staff of one (Mrs. Margaret Duthie), a laboratory area, x-ray facility, and one small room for a library.

The Clinic was relocated, in 1929, to it’s next location, 214 – 6th Avenue S.W., at which time the name was changed to Calgary Associate Clinic.

Dr. H. Price joined the Clinic in 1929 at the first Pediatrician. Several months later, Dr. E.P. Scarlett joined as head of Internal Medicine.

In the 1930’s, the depression hit the Clinic very hard. Payment of accounts was accepted in all forms – turkeys, vegetables, etc., which were sold to staff and friends.

Between 1930 – 1942, several doctors joined the Clinic. These included Dr. A.J. Fisher in 1932, Obstetrics; Dr. H. Stuart in 1936, Surgery; Dr. F. Pilcher in 1937, Urology; Dr. D.L. McNeil in 1940, Internal Medicine; Dr. A.C. Walsh in 1941, Orthopedics.

The first dispensary opened in 1930 in the basement, by Mr. Dorland, the original business manager.

In 1939 the Clinic added on to accommodate its growing staff, an impressive two storey brick building. The building to the right of the house in the photo.

In 1944, Mr. J.E. O’Connor succeeded Mr. S. Dorland as business manager. He remained until 1979.

In 1946 Dr. Scarlett succeeded Dr. Macnab as President.

In 1952 another addition was built (two stories), N.W. Section. The dispensary moved to the main floor.

In 1958 Dr. H. Morgan succeeded Dr. Scarlett as President.

In 1964, yet another addition was built. This one was four stories, and held the business office, the lab, orthopedic department and the cardiovascular surgery department.

In 1966 Dr. A.C. Walsh succeeded Dr. Morgan as President.

In 1967, the old house and the first two storey addition were demolished.

In 1971, Dr. M. Vernon succeeded Dr. Walsh as President.

In 1984 the Clinic was torn down and the Associate Clinic moved to 1228 Kensington Road N.W.

In 1994 the Clinic moved to it current location in Gulf Canada Square.

Of course, many other changes have taken place in the ninety plus years since the Clinic was first opened. These are too numerous to mention, however, we think we have touched on the most important ones.

The Associate Clinic continues to grow and serve the medical needs of Calgarians as well as many people across Western Canada, The Clinic includes family practice, specialty service and sub-specialty services.

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